The Forte Portable Word Processor
keyboard instruction and digital literacy

Prepare Now for SBAC and PARCC Writing Assessments

The Forte portable word processor was designed by teachers to build keyboarding skills, develop writing skills and ultimately, develop digital fluency.  In order for students to accelerate their writing skills, they must first master the keyboard, then they must have quick and easy access to digital writing tools. The more often students write digitally, the better and more fluent their writing becomes.

Prepare your students now to succeed in the SBAC and PARCC assessment.

Success on these assessments will largely depend on your students ability to keyboard proficiently and write confidently using a computer keyboard.  Digital writing with the Forte means improved keyboarding skills, spelling skills, expanded vocabulary, and big improvements in editing and revision skills.  The Forte will develop strong keyboarding skills and then provide the ongoing digital writing experience your students need to perform well on the upcoming SBAC and PARCC assessments. The Forte is much more than just a portable word processor.

The most effective keyboard instruction and classroom writing tool available.

Simple – Press On and write. No waiting all files automatically saved.

Focused – No games, No internet, No distractions. 

Easy to Manage – Students spend more time writing and teachers spend more time teaching.


Forte Writing Support Programs and Features

The Forte portable word processor is loaded with programs and features designed by teachers and specialists specifically to assist and support student writing.

All Forte support programs are easy to access (often at the press of a button) and easy to use. 

Students and teachers DO NOT benefit by all the distractions available on standard computers.  Students need and do best with the Forte - Easy to use, Easy to manage and Focused.

Forte Keyboard Instruction

Teachers, principals and parents know good keyboarding skills are a crucial basic literacy skill. Educators all over the country are struggling to find ways to teach this important skill. They're looking for ways that won't monopolize their computer lab, burden classroom teachers or bust the budget. The Forte Mobile Lab - simple, effective and complete - is the answer.

The Forte keyboard instruction program will:

  • Establish homerow hand position - guaranteed.
  • Systematically build speed and accuracy - guaranteed.
  • Guide students from lesson to lesson with individualized instruction
  • Provide ongoing assessment and reporting


  • 120 lessons - 16 assessment tests
  • Automatic tracking and monitoring
  • Complete class or individual student progress reporting
  • Pre-set or customized speed and accuracy benchmarks
  • Patented Technique Builder™ homerow and shift key requirement system
  • Easy to implement and easy to manage.  
  • Roll them in, pass them out, begin drill and practice.
  • "The quietest 15 minutes of my day!"  Jim Stevens - 4Th grade classroom teacher




portable word processor

SBAC = Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium

PARCC = Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers

SBAC writing improvement - readiness - help

PARCC writing improvement - readiness - help

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