Forte Preview Request

Free 30 Day Trial - Return Shipping Included!

Only by previewing and thoroughly evaluating technology tools can you determine what is best for you and your students. The Forte Preview Program allows you and your staff to work with and explore all that the Forte offers for up to thirty days.

After reviewing the Forte, simply place the return label (provided) on the box and have it available for UPS pick up.

Test drive the Forte today!  You're going to love it!


Parent Note: The Forte Preview Program is designed for educators looking for writing , keyboarding and special needs solutions for their schools and districts. We regret that a preview unit cannot be sent out to parents looking for assistance for their own son or daughter.

The Preview has been fabulous! Thank you so much for the opportunity to trial the Forte. It looks like we are going to be able to purchase some for our school.

Allowing us the opportunity to trial the Forte with our students has given us the opportunity to show parents and teachers how our students can be successful with writing tasks when given the appropriate technology. Thanks again.

Speech-Language Pathologist