The Forte Calendar

Never Miss a Due Date

Students often struggle with organization and due dates. One of the most requested additions to the Forte has been a simple, thorough calendar program.

Now students can quickly see their week or month at a glance. Students can easily add to and edit their calendars. Students are reminded of all calendar events two days prior and the day of the event.

Files names and due dates can easily be added to the calendar directly from the student desktop.

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Things are going great with the Fortes. Teachers are very excited and a few have told me that this is the most writing they have gotten from their students all year! So overall the Fusion seems to fit the needs, is easy to learn, and we have student and teacher buy-in!

Also, the calendar is a great addition. However, not all students appreciate the fact that this offers a "no excuses" option : )

Stephanie C.
AT Specialist/Special Education Teacher