Fusion Features

Every Fusion offers a full-featured word processor plus:

  • Student Organization - Fusion offers individual, password protected workspace for up to 16 separate users. Each workspace will contain named files and folders. Easy and Organized.
  • Text to Speech (optional upgrade) - It’s easy, just press the “Speak” key and listen
  • Word Prediction - It’s easy too, just press the “Word Prediction” key to activate. WordStorm offers a fantastic array of support options.
  • Spell It! NEW! - Imagine your students practicing their spelling words and feeling, seeing and hearing every correct letter as it is typed. Ten engaging and interactive activities. Students review the words they missed automatically. They even get their own "spelling test". All scores recorded for view or print.  A fantastic way to improve spelling.
  • Keyboard Instruction - Fusion offers the best personal keyboard instruction program available. Perfect Form is a thorough and well structured program designed to develop quick and accurate keyboard fluency.
  • Calendar [NEW!] - Help students stay organized with the Fusion’s easy to use student calendar. Never miss a due date!
  • Math 101 [NEW!] - Provides individual practice and reinforcement on basic facts and number patterns. Great individualized practice and assessment.
  • Adjustable Font Size - Simply press the “Font Size” key to enlarge the font. Font size from 10 pt to 40 pt.
  • Split Screen Spelling/Vocabulary Program - Press the “Split Screen” key to type in topic specific vocabulary or spelling words. View word list as you write.
  • Abbreviation Expansion [NEW!] – Now you can create hundreds of phrases and each phrase can be accessed and spoken with just two or three keystrokes. (hr = “Hi, my name is Robert”)
  • Thesaurus - Thousands of synonyms at the press of a single key. You’ll see student writing vocabulary improve immediately.
  • Score Key - Students and teachers need feedback – scores. Whether it’s Math, Writing or Keyboarding, simply press the “Score” key for instant evaluation.
  • Writing Prompts - Over 40 creative writing prompts available. Fun writing exercises for your students.
  • Formatted Printouts - All files sent to the computer or printer begin with a complete heading: Student Name, File Name, Teacher Name and Date
  • Automatic Writing Checklists - All files sent to the computer or printer end with a Writing Checklist. Help students take responsibility for editing. Several templates to choose from or create your own.
  • Special Needs - Sticky Keys, Auto-Repeat Delay, Spell Check Disable

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The students using the Fusion and The Writer have been quite successful. (Both have specific learning needs.) The quality of their individual work has increased in written output, sentence structure, vocabulary use, and mechanics. Both students are finding the technology motivating, as well as supportive.

I believe our grant has gone through (as of this week) and purchase orders should be going out within the next week or two.


Jean M.
District Special Education
West Irondequoit School District