Options and Customizations

The Forte offers a variety of special options and customizations.

Sticky Keys - Allows students to capitalize letters without holding down the shift key.

Helpers Disabled - Allows teachers to disable Spell Check, Thesaurus and Word Prediction for testing purposes.

Auto-Repeat Rate - Sets the rate at which characters repeat.

Auto-Repeat Delay - Sets the amount of time between pressing the key and the repeat of that letter or character.

Keyboard Lock-Out - To prevent the Forte from coming on accidentally, the Forte can be set to come on only with a three digit code.

Abbreviation Expansion - For those using the Forte as an AAC device

Key Overlays - Moisture guards, Big Key Overlays

Keyguards - Due to size keyboard, Keyguards are available only on Fusion

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I have been "trialing" the Forte with several students of varying ages and abilities and they all seem to really enjoy typing on this device!