Fusion Program Upgrade

We believe the best ideas come from you.  And as they come in, we do our best to incorporate them into the Fusion.  All updates and new programs can be downloaded into any Fusion unit free of charge.  Check our site regularly for new programs and features.  If you'd like to update your Fusion keyboards, please email your request to fusion@writerlearning.com.

Most Recent Program Additions:

Improve Spelling Skills with Spell It!

Ten interactive spelling exercises with auditory reinforcement.  Individualized, multi-sensory approach helps students develop sight recognition and memorization.  A fantastic spelling reinforcement program!

Never Miss a Due Date – Fusion Calendar

We often hear how students struggle with organization and due dates. One of the most requested additions to the Fusion has been a simple, thorough calendar program. We're excited to announce that it is now available on all new Fusion keyboards!

Abbreviation Expansion

Communication is truly a gift. The Fusion Speaker Unit is increasing being used as a communication tool. Now with easy "Abbreviation Expansion" capability, the Fusion for AAC needs is better than ever.

Users simply insert one to three letter codes to generate complete sentence auditory output.

hw = "Hi, my name is William."

Below is a list of other programs and features that are included in the current update:

Resume Feature

When the Fusion is turned off,  it will now remember the user's workspace, file, folder and even application. When the Fusion is turned on again, it resumes exactly where the student left off. The Fusion is even quicker and easier to use.

This feature is enabled by default, but can be disabled individually by each user: press MENU | SETUP | RESUME within the user workspace. If the workspace is password protected, the password is still enforced.

Special Needs Upgrades

  • Sticky Keys
  • Auto-repeat adjustment
  • Word Prediction “Word Learn/Collection” - disable option
  • "Helpers/Spell Check" disable option

Visually Impaired Upgrades

  • Cursor location readback
  • Menu and Message Readback
  • Improved letter readback
  • Larger font sizes


Program and Feature Upgrades

  • Resume programming
  • Math 101
  • Split Screen Word List Program
  • Battery management upgrade
  • Send text only
  • Send text to printer
  • Revised iScore Program
  • Auto-Off Timer adjustment
  • Keyboarding Lesson Advance Lock
  • Change default writing checklist