Forte Support Programs and Features

The Forte is loaded with programs and features designed by teachers and specialists specifically to support student writing.

All Forte support programs are easy to access (often at the press of a button) and easy to use. 

Students need more than a text box and they don't benefit by all the distractions available on a standard computer.  Students need - and do best with a simple, focused, writing support tool.

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New Translate Program»

Spell It! »

Calendar »

Keyboard Instruction »

Math 101 »

Organized Student Work Space »

Thesaurus »

Split Screen »

Score Program »

Writing Checklists »

Writing Prompts »

Special Options and Customizations »

I have been "trialing" the Forte with several students of varying ages and abilities and they all seem to really enjoy typing on this device!


They are dynamite! We are spreading the word to teachers and principals. Thanks so much for all of your help.