Student Performance Package

The Writer offers you and your students these preinstalled features and programs at no extra cost.

  • Creative Writing Prompts - Over 40 story starters encourage and motivate student writing
  • Daily Journal - Easy, dated journal file for daily writing
  • Spell Check - A spell check that helps your students to develop their spelling skills.
  • Formatted Printouts - Automatically send with each file a heading with student name, teacher name, file name and date (more helpful organization)
  • Auto-Rubrics - Writing targets automatically attached to each file; students respond to the list & take greater responsibility for editing & revising
  • Work Folder Filing System - 16 personal, password protected, work folders, 250 named files; simple, organized & flexible
  • Thesaurus and Auto Thesaurus - Great vocabulary building resources at the touch of a button
  • IScore - A powerful and motivating scoring program - provides students with immediate grade level feedback.
  • Writer Tips - Automatically presents students with specific ideas for improving their writing.
  • Spell It! - Spelling and vocabulary development program. Six spelling activities for any list of words.
  • Spanish to English Dictionary - Quick and easy Spanish to English translation. A touch of a key can help your ESL students
  • Wireless Infrared Send - No software necessary, 100% accurate, send to any application Mac or PC; Easy for teachers - Easy for students
  • Keyboard Instruction - Effective mobile keyboard instruction program available.
  • WriterLink - Writer to Writer file transfer program.
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • WordPrediction - Easy to use and very accurate


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The students using the Fusion and The Writer have been quite successful. (Both have specific learning needs.) The quality of their individual work has increased in written output, sentence structure, vocabulary use, and mechanics. Both students are finding the technology motivating, as well as supportive.

I believe our grant has gone through (as of this week) and purchase orders should be going out within the next week or two.


Jean M.
District Special Education
West Irondequoit School District