Technique Builder™ Patented Homerow and Shift Key Requirement System

TechniqueBuilder - Patented Technique-Building Software

Developing homerow discipline and proper shift key technique is crucial to achieving keyboard mastery. Only The Writer and Fusion with Perfect Form™ and Technique Builder™ keyboarding software automatically tracks, monitors and reinforces proper hand positioning throughout each lesson. Students cannot begin their lessons, nor can they pass their lessons unless proper hand position is maintained – Perfect Form requires it.

Learning proper shift-key technique is always one of the most difficult aspects of keyboard instruction to master. Perfect Form’s Shift Key Reinforcement System requires students to use the proper shift key. The caps lock key is disabled and only the proper shift key works. Incorrect shifting counts only as an error and the lesson will not progress.

Only when students are required to keyboard properly will they form good habits. The Writer and Fusion with Perfect Form doesn't suggest or ask for proper shift key, hand and finger placement, it requires it.


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