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Secrest Resources LTD

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Training is available at no cost. 30 minutes of phone training is available at no charge with your purchase of five or more Fortes.  60 minute web training available at no charge with your purchase of 25 or more Fortes.  Site based training available for $1,250.00.

Forte Support Documents

Forte and Fusion Start-Up »

Forte Operation HotSheet »
Forte Operation Guide »

A "Teacher Only" password is required for some operations on the Forte. The Teacher Only password is   [pass].

For the latest Forte program (Jan. 1, 2016), contact us at

Fusion Program Upgrade

New programs for the Fusion include: Calendar and Spell It! 

If you would like to add these programs to your Fusion keyboards, please email your request to:

Fusion Support Documents

Forte and Fusion Start-Up
Fusion Operation Guide
Fusion Operation Hot Sheet
WordStorm Word Prediction
Perfect Form Keyboard Instruction
Fusion Walkthrough (PowerPoint)
Math 101 Description
Spell it! Operation

Youtube Tech Support Videos » 

Writer Support Documents
Writer Operation Guide (print and fold)
Writer Operation Hot Sheet
Keyboarding Class Report Template (Excel)
"Memory Error Warning"

To all the wonderful support people-
Just a quick "thank you" for sending us two replacement keys for a Writer quickly and free of charge. You have a wonderful product, and the service is incredible.

Felice Hanks

Assistive Technology
Lafayette Parish School System